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Students, teachers, and blog enthusiasts, welcome to the second editorial blog of the school year. We made it to the second instalment, and we're already on our second editor – which bodes quite poorly for the security of my job. In this issue, I'll be talking about all the wildly thrilling events Blue Coat has on offer this term, all the important dates to put in your probably metaphorical calendars, and some much needed clarification on the important and exciting changes which we're seeing slowly begin to take place throughout the school.

First, and most enchanting of all, now is one of the most exciting times of the year for Blue Coat, since the most impressive display of our student body's talent we have to offer is upon us. We're all eagerly anticipating the general sale of tickets to see this year's school show 'Guys and Dolls', and given how magical last year's production was there will almost certainly be a collective breath-holding to see if this year's cast can live up to the riveting performances on display last time around.

The show will be on from February 5th to February 8th, and you can get your tickets as of right now - but you'll have to move fast to get yours, as this year's exceptionally talented cast are sure to attract an unusually wide audience. I spoke to Jamil Abbasi, who is playing the lead part, Nathan Detroit, and asked if there's any reason for us all to be particularly excited for this year, and he had the following to say:

'We should all be excited for the school show because every year it brings together students across all the years for an incredible experience that no other aspect of school life provides. It allows us, students, to break the monotony of our routines and challenge ourselves and embody a wide variety of characters. As an aspiring performer, I use the school show as an opportunity to improve my skills but also encourage others to come out of their shell and leave their comfort zone. I would fully recommend getting involved or coming to support your fellow students and see the same people that triumph in academic study, triumph on stage'

Perhaps less dazzlingly, but no less importantly, it's pretty much impossible for any of you to have not noticed that Blue Coat is currently undergoing a phase of highly inspired change – and on more levels than one. The most obvious part of this exciting whole-school metamorphosis is the ongoing and planned redesigning work being done on the school building; and in order to get a better idea of the vision of a shimmering new, reborn Blue Coat I spoke to the brain and the firm hand guiding us all towards our great future, Mr Pennington.

I asked him first to outline his ideal vision for the future of Blue Coat, then how he sees the changes he's put forward helping us towards this vision. In response to the first question, he said:

'Blue Coat students are right up there with the best in the country because they take every opportunity to participate, learn and develop. We believe that the very best students deserve the very best education both within the classroom and beyond. This is guiding the efforts of teachers and support staff to refine, develop and advance all aspects of school life. Inspired by our founders' vision, we want to use this world class education to inspire and change the lives of as many students as we can'

He then outlined the role of the changes being made in his future plans:

'The more we offer our students, the better they do. As our teachers look at new ways to further improve learning in the classroom and our support teams work together to establish more innovative support, we can be extremely proud that our appetite to be the very best has helped our students achieve the highest outcomes Blue Coat has ever seen in the last two years.

 As we look to further develop the curricular and extra-curricular opportunities we offer, we are excited that our physical expansion and significant estate developments will mean that more students than ever before will enjoy the benefits of the world class education we strive for'

Clearly all of us; students, staff, parents and those with intense and irrational loves for reading blogs which do not necessarily relate to them, have a lot to look forward to not just in this brief, action packed term but also for the general future of Blue Coat. The horizon is sunny and clear, and if I don't end up like the last editorial writer, hopefully I'll be here the same time next term to share all the new and exciting developments with you all. I hope everyone has a productive and fruitful term, and in the words of Dr Wilde: 'And in the words of an obscure 90s detective show: 'Let's be careful out there' '.  

Jamie Clarke

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