Year 7's Trip to York

In November, Year 7 students had the opportunity to experience an educational and beneficial trip to the city of York. Below is an account by Olivia and Charlotte, of Year 7, detailing their experiences of the trip.

‘The journey to York itself was eventful! We travelled via coach and were anticipating what events lay ahead of us and facts that we would learn from the trip. Everyone was alive and buzzing with the addition of disco lights to enhance the mood. We were also allowed to use our phones which also added to our enjoyment! Overall, the long journey that I thought would be boring was in fact enjoyable!

Once we arrived in York, we explored the York Museum, including the many dungeons which lay within it. It was an experience unlike any as whilst we admired the museum, the dungeon experience was the opposite and was in fact quite frightening! However, I loved what I saw and hope to visit again as there was so much to explore!

Later on that night, we got on the coach and rode to a bowling centre. We teamed up with our best friends and had a game. Lottie won!!! There was also an arcade so we spent pretty much all of our money there on the Hurricane Machine. (It was worth it though!!)

Next, we boarded the coach to the hotel, where we were assigned our rooms. They were huge and luxurious! To exceed our already amazing experience, we had come prepared for a huge midnight feast, which proved very tasty. Afterwards, we went on to brave the dark, cold, winter night and engage in a freaky ghost walk. It was interesting to tour the unique Shambles at night, whilst listening to the strange and mysterious tales that accompanied the area - even if a scary woman did creep up on us and started singing haunting songs!! Woooooo!! Spoooooky!

That night, we hardly slept a wink as we were all too busy scoffing sweets and gossiping. Nonetheless, we were all ready and raring to go by 8:30am, despite our lack of sleep. Everyone was really excited about the day ahead: York Dungeons and the Chocolate Museum!! One of the biggest attractions of the trip amongst students was a tour of York’s Chocolate Story and it lived up to our expectations as we got to “unwrap the secret of Chocolate making”.

The morning began with our group strolled to the shopping square to buy our souvenirs and presents. After which we had to line up in total silence for the register, which was a bit of a pain in the neck. Then off we marched to the Dungeons were we all jumped at every corner and were spooked at every step. Even the teachers looked a bit squeamish and uncomfortable!

After such an ordeal, we had to calm our nerves so we were taken to York's Chocolate Story!!! This was by far the best thing on the trip and we all agreed on that for sure! Here, we got to try cacao – the very first chocolate (it was horrid and bitter) and we even learnt how to make our very own chocolate lollipops!!

By the end of the residential, everyone was in desperate need of a nap and had met at least 15 new people. It was a fabulous opportunity to mix with our new year group and form tutors, whilst exploring a beautiful and interesting city. We’re sure we can say on all of the Year 7s behalf that it was the best school trip we had ever been on and look forward to others in the future.’


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