Interview with our new History and Government & Politics teacher: Mrs Heery

At the start of this academic year, we welcomed Mrs Heery to the Blue Coat community as she started her position as a History and Government & Politics teacher at the school. As part of our series of interviews with new members of staff, Year 12 student, Joseph, sat down with Mrs Heery to interview her, with the discussion taking on an apt theme relating to American politics.

On the afternoon of 9th March 2017 I sat down with President Pearson’s Secretary of State: Mrs Heery at her new base of operations, C11, to not only give her a grilling on policy but to also find out more about the home-grown Liverpudlian who has risen to attain such a high position in the Pearson Cabinet. After an hour of arduous questioning on policy, we changed the tone in order to delve deeper into this new face who is nearly two thirds of the way through her first full year on the job. 

Secretary of State Heery

JM: Have you enjoyed your time so far under the Pearson Presidency?

LH: I have absolutely loved my time so far under the Pearson Presidency. Since I started in September, Mr Pearson has been brilliant; he’s a great help; he’s a great support. He’s got a good sense of humour (don’t tell him I’ve said that) and it’s just been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed teaching History and Politics and I’ve loved learning from him and getting his pearls of wisdom.

JM: If you had the opportunity to interview anyone from history, who would it be and why?

LH: It might be controversial, but I think I’d interview Anne Frank. I recently went to Amsterdam and obviously went to the Anne Frank house and read parts of her diary and I’d like to know how she managed to stay positive and live as normal a childhood as possible whilst obviously living in those parameters.

JM: Have you ever lived abroad and if so, how did you find it different to the UK?

LH: I have, I lived in China for around a year and a half and I was teaching in English in a university there. It was very different; the class sizes were of around 65 pupils at times, so trying to have an English conversation would be quite difficult but there was a lot of charades at times and acting and it was really good and I’d love to maybe do it again.

JM: On that cultural link, certain students have a burning question to ask: Can you speak German?

LH: *Laughs* Good question. I did German at university for a short while so yes I can speak a little German: ein bisschen.

Heery receives an urgent call

JM: And what does that mean?

LH: A little. 

JM: Do you have any party tricks to share?

LH: I do, I can actually do a frog face if you’d like to see. (pictured below)

JM: If you could see one artist or group perform live, who would it be?

LH: The Beatles without a doubt. I would love to see The Beatles but I would like to see them in the 60s, not now.

JM: Finally, after a much talked about assembly this year, it’s important that we have an answer to this question: Are you a crack-pot or a cracked pot and why?

LH: I’m going to say a cracked pot because I think we need to learn to love our imperfections and to work on them to improve ourselves.


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