Interview with our new Design Technology teacher: Miss Aldred

This latest academic year has seen the addition of Miss Aldred to the Blue Coat School community as our new Design Technology teacher. Year 12 student, Joseph, met with Miss Aldred to find out more about her past and time at the school so far, with a special fashion-related twist.

I was given the pleasure on 27th March 2017 of interviewing the rising star in the fashion industry that is Miss Aldred, to celebrate the launch of her latest clothing line and to find out more about her most recent succeses and life before fame. Photographed by Jessie, we were able to delve into what inspired Miss Aldred to  start her career in fashion whilst adoring fans screamed and cheered, with one fan offering a marriage proposal!A brave fan proposes

JM: So far this year, have you enjoyed your time collaborating with Mr Ainsworth?

KA: Yes, but I would say it’s more of me bossing Mr Ainsworth around than a collaboration.

JM: Your recent work on designing and crafting the wardrobe for the school production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street received critical acclaim. How did you find that experience?

KA: It was amazing, especially meeting pupils that I wouldn’t normally teach in normal lessons, like Year 9s and Year 12s and 13s, who I don’t really get to see a lot of. It was ace; it was amazing.

JM: Do you have any future projects or collaborations planned?

KA: No, I’m going to have a bit of a rest now and just do my job.

JM: Who inspired you to follow the path that led you to where you are now?

KA: It was my DT teacher at school, she was called Mrs Sweet-on-Warren, and she was a bit like Mr Ainsworth; she was very chilled, very relaxed and she let us just have a bit of freedom and be really creative.

I quiz Miss Aldred

JM: As a Jack of all trades, you’re quite proficient in the cooking department also, but could you reveal the most nerve-wracking moment in the food technology room so far this year?

KA: I would have to say that the Founder’s Week Bake-off was probably the most nerve-wracking. It was the most bodies we’ve had in the kitchen this year.

JM: Do you have any party tricks that you’d share with the school?

KA: I can do a weird thing with my tongue. (pictured below)

JM: To finish off, it’s important to the students that we find out whether you’re a crack-pot or a cracked pot and why?

KA: I am definitely a cracked pot because I think that I spread joy around the school to the pupils and the teachers. I’m always smiling; I’m always in a good mood, or generally in a good mood. 



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