Founder's Week Form Quiz Competition

To celebrate the arrival of Founder's Week, the Squirrel Blog is hosting an inter-form competition focused on answering questions about the history of the school in order to win a secret confectionery prize.

Founded in 1708, the Liverpool Blue Coat School has a rich and diverse history however, unfortunately, as a student body we're largely in the dark about what this history entails. In order to teach students more about the school's past, whilst simultaneously creating some friendly inter-form competition, the Tufty Club have devised a Squirrel quiz which will run throughout the course of next week. Each form will be provided with an answer sheet and everyday a new question will be uploaded to the blog for your form to look at during morning registration. During morning registration on Friday, members of the Tufty Club will collect each form's answer sheets and tally up the amount of correct answers, with the highest scoring form in each key stage winning a special confectionery prize that's currently being kept under wraps!

Hopefully you'll take this as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of the school's history and maybe next week it will be your form tucking into an array of treats. From The Tufty Club, we wish all forms good luck!

Monday's Question:

When you look to your left or right,

Is Tufty the Squirrel anywhere in sight?

Can he be found on the corridor, maybe Shirley Hall,

Or is he partial to a game of basketball?

If you can find where he hides,

Then your form has a chance of winning our prize!

Tuesday's Question:

What was the name of Bryan Blundell's ship that transported slaves to Virginia?

Wednesday's Question:

Other than being a founder of the school, under which other role did Bryan Blundell make positive contributions to city life?

Thursday's Question:

Where was Bryan Blundell's Memorial stone originally held before being moved to the school chapel during the Blitz?

Friday's Question:

In what year was the school's brotherly society founded?



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