Welcome to the Liverpool Blue Coat Squirrel - a modern take on the original school magazine - please take a look through our blog and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blue Coat School, welcome to the beginning of a new era!  This is now officially the Blue Coat Squirrel – however Blue Coat Community, please do not fear….your precious and sacred Squirrel is in extremely experienced and safe hands. We have an Editorial Committee full of talent; ranging from highly skilled writers to eloquent artists and illustrators, and these creative minds - under the inspiring leadership of Mrs O’Rourke - are joining forces to produce a masterpiece that will become part of the history of this prestigious school.

Now, I must start by saying that we are delving into deep and treacherous waters, as never before has the Squirrel ventured from a printed document to a blog that everyone can access throughout the entirety of the year. As a result of this change in format we will be able to include an eclectic range of articles, interviews, quizzes and much more to keep your literary taste buds tingling and your reader’s appetite hungry for more. 

Before you begin to look puzzled and gaze at your screen as if you have just seen something rather peculiar, I will answer the question that I know is swirling round your head and tormenting your sizable Blue Coat brains, which is … wait for it … “Why have we changed to a blog?” A question I ask myself sometimes and I must admit it keeps me up at night, so you’re not alone.  However, it is imperative that we, the new and ground breaking Tufty pioneers, keep up with the ever changing times and move with the modern age, reaching out to every corner of the Blue Coat School community. Our transformation will make it easier to regularly update and edit the Squirrel, ensuring that the information that it contains is current and reflects students’ experiences and achievements.  

An esteemed and stalwart member of the Blue Coat community, Mr Keith Caulkin MBE, shared his insightful memories with me of the Squirrel Magazine from his forty plus years with the school. He noted that whilst the magazine in its traditional form, was a momentous piece of Blue Coat memorabilia, the transition to a blog would help to keep the Squirrel Magazine up to date with modern times and allow all aspects of the Blue Coat community, both past and present, the opportunity to read about the varied events and accomplishments within school. The leader of our award winning school, Mr Pennington also agreed that we needed to upgrade our magazine and move to a medium in which we could reach everyone and reflect the technological age that we live in. Our illustrious Headteacher himself said it was important for the Squirrel to build upon its place within the school’s heritage by becoming a central part of the school’s future.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading what the Squirrel Blog has to offer this year and will carry on keeping up to date with the blog as it comes to fruition over the coming months.<strong>David, Editorial Writer<strong/>

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